May 5th

Lauren’s family had a meeting with all of Lauren’s doctors on Monday. Lauren has 5 doctors and many staff members assigned to her recovery at Craig Hospital. To summarize, every doctor and therapist agrees that Lauren is progressing well. Her physical injuries are healing “at a rapid pace”. They attribute her speedy physical recovery to her exceptional overall pre-accident fitness. Her neck injury was the most critical of her physical injuries and her doctors reported that the bone fractures at the base of her skull were are hardly visible in the most recent MRI.

Lauren attends physical therapy classes daily as well as occupational and speech therapy.  The doctors and therapists all report that she is doing very well in their sessions.

Regarding Lauren’s brain injury, her lead doctor (Dr. Alan Weintraub) said that Lauren was progressing “as expected”.  Her post-accident amnesia is clearing up a little more each day.  Her memories are coming back to her at a surprising level (in her Dad’s words).  Dr. Weintraub stated that her cognitive sense is her main issue at this time and that her healing will happen over time.  The length of time will be is unable to be specified at this stage.  Her doctor does expect to see marked improvement over the next several months.  To be completely clear, this is going to be a long road of recovery for Lauren.  There is no quick fix to this.  The doctors had stated that they are optimistic for a full recovery but they can’t say when nor can they guarantee anything at this time.

Overall, the prognosis is positive.

The family wants to thank everyone for all of your support, thoughts, and prayers for Lauren.  This will be a long road..  She is going to need the support from those who love her (and that list is extensive).


We will continue to provide updates as we can.

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Thanks again!



May 2nd

13147278_10209471828622572_94974133062046765_oLauren has been doing a lot of hot laps around Craig Rehabilitation Hospital, something like 10+ miles a day. She’s pictured above with close friends Cathy (Sox) and Heather (Smash). She’s received visits from many close friends over the last several weeks.  It’s so encouraging to see the trajectory of Lauren’s recovery this last week. She is speaking, writing, and her memory is coming back. She realizes why she is in the hospital and she is starting to understand the magnitude of her injury (TBI).

We will provide a more detailed update on the blog and on the GoFundMe page in the next few days, once the family and medical team has met for an assessment. Lauren will have a long road of recovery with occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychology/psychiatry, and social support. Lauren has always been an overachiever, in academics and in athletics – as she becomes more aware everyday she will be putting 110% of her energy into recovering and becoming independent again. One thing all of us can do to support her in this journey is to promote and donate to the GoFundMe page  and buy a #teamLauren wolfpack tee! Every small donation to the medical trust fund will help Lauren reach her goal.

Collaborative Playlist – Pony Recovery Jamz

Hi all!

Craig started a collaborative playlist for Lauren on Spotify. She’s not using any electronics right now as a part of her recovery, including music, but she will be able to at some point and we think she’d be pretty stoked about a custom playlist created by everyone!

If there’s a song that reminds you of Lauren or you think she needs to hear, feel free to add it to this playlist on Spotify:

Lauren continues to make steady progress. Her recovery program is extremely structured (as expected) and she is receiving the best care for her TBI at Craig Hospital in Denver.

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wolfpack-pony tee shirt! get it!

image2Who doesn’t need a new galaxy wolf/pony tee to express your inner party self and further support Lauren’s recovery and general badassery? Lauren’s friends and DNA Cycling have collaborated to create a variation of her one-of-a-kind #Wolfpack tee.  100% of the proceeds go directly to Lauren’s medical trust.

A huge thank you to DNA Cycling’s Joe Sepulveda and Seth Bradley for producing this tee shirt! And a shout out to Garrett Helm for Photoshop edits in collaboration with AGC’s color and pony design influences. As per usual, Cathy Fegan-Kim worked tirelessly behind the scenes as coordinator/task master to get this all whipped up in no time.

Thanks to all of YOU for continuing to spread the word and show your support!

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Sunday, April 24th

Lauren has been at Craig Hospital since Tuesday, April 19th. She is sleeping and eating well, her physical injuries and facial scars continue to heal well.  She is generally frustrated and confused at times, which is a common emotional stage of recovery for TBI patients. While there are no set expectations around recovery phases and timelines for TBIs in general, there are several common patterns that occur and that can be helpful for her support system and helping Lauren through her recovery process.

Lauren is very active, which is understandable given the fact that she was in peak fitness at the time of her crash. The doctors and physical therapists are limiting her to walking for now and exercising her legs is calming for her.

The doctors will run several tests this week (MRI, EEG, etc) and we’ll keep you updated.

Fox31 from Denver did a story on Lauren, you can read and watch it here.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, Lauren’s GoFundMe continues to grow and it’s encouraging for her family and friends.  If you haven’t done so yet, please visit and donate, any small amount is sincerely appreciated!

Tuesday, April 19th

Good Morning!

Good news – after 16 days in the USC Medical Center, Lauren is moving! She will be transferred today to the Craig Hospital’s Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation program. This is one of the best rehabilitation facilities in the world and a National Center of Excellence for TBI treatment and research. It’s also located in the Denver, Colorado area, close to family and friends. Lauren is excited to be moving back.

Thank you to everyone in the cycling community, thanks to those in Lauren’s huge circle of friends, and thanks to Lauren’s amazing family who have reached out and offered donations, help, and prayers. We have received support and advice from individuals who have been injured or have had a friend or family member hit by traumatic brain injury (TBI). This is such a complicated area, but it’s comforting to hear rehabilitation success stories from people like Timmy Duggan (also treated at Craig Hospital). We all know Lauren is going to give it her all to make a full recovery – she is improving every day. Your promotion of her medical fund and your donations are a huge boost to the family – we are all on #TeamLauren now. Next update from Colorado!



Friday, April 15th


We just got news that Lauren has been accepted to Craig Hospital for the next phase of her recovery. She will be in their Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation program, the hospital is located in the Denver area, so she will be close to the home-base of her rock-star support crew which includes close friends and family. She can transition as early as Monday or Tuesday, but the details are still being worked out. We’ll update as we know more!

Happy Friday.

If you’re able, please visit and donate to Lauren’s medical fund, any small amount helps.