What we know.

Saturday April 2nd – The Crash

In the closing meters of the road race at San Dimas, Lauren’s handlebar got caught in the metal fencing that lines the course. This fencing is a common item in bike racing. Other riders were able to avoid the crash. Lauren sustained several injuries. Lauren’s teammate, Beth Ann Orton, a trained physicians assistant, and EMTs were first on the scene. Beth Ann was able to open Lauren’s airways before the ambulance arrived. Lauren was air-lifted to USC in Los Angeles for immediate medical attention. Lauren was responsive and resisting the doctors when she arrived at the hospital, so they sedated her, inducing a coma so they could start assessing her injuries and begin treatment.

At the Hospital

Lauren’s initial CAT scan didn’t show any bleeding in the brain. Subsequent CAT scans have shown a little bleeding in the brain, but it’s not getting worse. She is in the Intensive Care Unit until further notice. Lauren has been responsive when she’s awake and she recognizes her close friends and family by her side. The outlook for a full recovery looks good, the doctors are positive.


What we don’t know.

Extent of her injuries

As with all trauma of this nature, we need to be patient to fully understand the extent of the injuries she’s sustained. There is a lot we don’t know, we have to give Lauren some time to heal and we will learn more as time passes. This blog is here to provide the most current updates on her progress.


There is no set timeline for progress at this point. We don’t know how long Lauren will be in the ICU or how long she will be in the hospital. Her recovery time on the whole is also unknown at this point, but we certainly know she is a remarkably strong and persistent (and lovely and funny and wonderful) human and if anyone can bounce back from this with brilliance, it’s Wolfpack.



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