Here’s a comprehensive list of injuries so far :

  • facial trauma – stitches look really good
  • CAT scan shows a little blood, but not increasing, so this is stable (good news)
  • Two broken bones on the top of her left hand (only broken bones we know of)

Her progress so far :

  • Lauren is able to lock eyes, nod yes or no, and squeeze hands when she’s awake
  • She recognized which rapper was playing
  • She understood a joke about Snoop Dogg
  • She has been smiling when awake and friends/family talk to her



Lauren’s family and boyfriend, Craig, have been with her all night. Heather (roommate/BF) and Tyson (long-time close friend and Lauren’s team mechanic) have been with her as well over the last few days. Her close friend, Katie Cartee, is also with her. She slept a lot last night , which is good. They performed another CAT scan this morning. It’s the same as yesterday, so it’s stable.  They are conducting breathing volume tests and will remove her breathing tubes when it’s high enough. It’s increasing, which is good progress. She has a cast on her left arm, it was replaced today with a new and improved cast that is more comfortable for Lauren. She has two broken bones on the top of her left hand and we think these are her only broken bones.

Lauren was awake for about half an hour just recently and, reportedly, was smiling and Craig could tell she wanted to laugh! Sounds like our girl. We’ll update as news comes in of her progress.


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