Lauren is still in the ICU and is still on a ventilator with a breathing tube, but she’s getting closer to getting rid of it. The doctors verified the occipital condyle on Lauren’s skull is fractured. This should not impact her range of motion. Her T1 is fractured on the spinous process, this doesn’t affect spinal support, it’s just uncomfortable since it’s a point of muscle attachment. The orthopedic surgeon decided Lauren will not need surgery for her left hand fractures, she just gets to have a swanky brace.

She was awake and with it this morning. She danced a little to Drake (let’s remember, she claimed 2016 is the year of Drake) and she even rolled her eyes at her Dad 🙂

Updated Thursday lists (italicized items added today)

Here’s a comprehensive list of injuries so far :

  • facial trauma – stitches look really good
  • CAT scan shows a little blood, but not increasing, so this is stable (good news)
  • Two broken bones on the top of her left hand (only broken bones we know of)
  • occiptal condyle fracture (should not impact range of motion)
  • T1 fracture on spinous process (does not affect spinal support, just uncomfortable)

Her progress so far :

  • Lauren is able to lock eyes, nod yes or no, and squeeze hands when she’s awake
  • She recognized which rapper was playing
  • She understood a joke about Snoop Dogg
  • She has been smiling when awake and friends/family talk to her
  • danced a little to Drake
  • rolled eyes at dad




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