Wednesday, April 13th

Lauren moved out of ICU and into the patient tower. She had some close friends (in addition to her family) with her after Redlands. Heather and Tyson were able to stay a few days after the race and spend time with her.

Lauren walked for the first time since her accident today! The physical therapist walked with her, steadying her arm. Her physical injuries continue to heal well and fairly quickly. She is also eating regular food on her own now.

While her physical injuries continue to heal at a steady and swift pace, the reality of her Tramatic Brain Injury (TBI) is setting in. Lauren’s memory is still not reliable, she remembers things once she’s prompted. We’re all learning more about TBIs and that there is no set path or timeline for recovery, each injury is different. Lauren has a very impressive support system and is receiving exceptional care. We will continue to post updates as much as possible. Thank you all for your continued support, keep sending Lauren your good energy and prayers!

If you’re able, please visit and donate to Lauren’s medical fund, any small amount helps.



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