Tuesday, April 19th

Good Morning!

Good news – after 16 days in the USC Medical Center, Lauren is moving! She will be transferred today to the Craig Hospital’s Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation program. This is one of the best rehabilitation facilities in the world and a National Center of Excellence for TBI treatment and research. It’s also located in the Denver, Colorado area, close to family and friends. Lauren is excited to be moving back.

Thank you to everyone in the cycling community, thanks to those in Lauren’s huge circle of friends, and thanks to Lauren’s amazing family who have reached out and offered donations, help, and prayers. We have received support and advice from individuals who have been injured or have had a friend or family member hit by traumatic brain injury (TBI). This is such a complicated area, but it’s comforting to hear rehabilitation success stories from people like Timmy Duggan (also treated at Craig Hospital). We all know Lauren is going to give it her all to make a full recovery – she is improving every day. Your promotion of her medical fund and your donations are a huge boost to the family – we are all on #TeamLauren now. Next update from Colorado!




2 thoughts on “Tuesday, April 19th

  1. This is HUGE. I am so happy for Lauren and her family. Lauren will make so much progress in rehab with the experts there. Best wishes!


  2. Nothing but the best wishes from somebody who cycles at Bonelli Park almost daily. It hurts me to know that something I love so much (bonelli park) was able to hurt somebody who loves doing what I do there (ride my bike) more than I do. Lauren is a cyclist, meaning she’s a fighter and she knows the meaning of enduring difficulty. I can’t wait to see her better, stronger and hopefully, back at it!


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