May 2nd

13147278_10209471828622572_94974133062046765_oLauren has been doing a lot of hot laps around Craig Rehabilitation Hospital, something like 10+ miles a day. She’s pictured above with close friends Cathy (Sox) and Heather (Smash). She’s received visits from many close friends over the last several weeks.  It’s so encouraging to see the trajectory of Lauren’s recovery this last week. She is speaking, writing, and her memory is coming back. She realizes why she is in the hospital and she is starting to understand the magnitude of her injury (TBI).

We will provide a more detailed update on the blog and on the GoFundMe page in the next few days, once the family and medical team has met for an assessment. Lauren will have a long road of recovery with occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychology/psychiatry, and social support. Lauren has always been an overachiever, in academics and in athletics – as she becomes more aware everyday she will be putting 110% of her energy into recovering and becoming independent again. One thing all of us can do to support her in this journey is to promote and donate to the GoFundMe page  and buy a #teamLauren wolfpack tee! Every small donation to the medical trust fund will help Lauren reach her goal.


2 thoughts on “May 2nd

  1. “Lauren has always been an overachiever, in academics and in athletics” I’m sure you’ve been told that bodes well for her recovery.


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