May 5th

Lauren’s family had a meeting with all of Lauren’s doctors on Monday. Lauren has 5 doctors and many staff members assigned to her recovery at Craig Hospital. To summarize, every doctor and therapist agrees that Lauren is progressing well. Her physical injuries are healing “at a rapid pace”. They attribute her speedy physical recovery to her exceptional overall pre-accident fitness. Her neck injury was the most critical of her physical injuries and her doctors reported that the bone fractures at the base of her skull were are hardly visible in the most recent MRI.

Lauren attends physical therapy classes daily as well as occupational and speech therapy.  The doctors and therapists all report that she is doing very well in their sessions.

Regarding Lauren’s brain injury, her lead doctor (Dr. Alan Weintraub) said that Lauren was progressing “as expected”.  Her post-accident amnesia is clearing up a little more each day.  Her memories are coming back to her at a surprising level (in her Dad’s words).  Dr. Weintraub stated that her cognitive sense is her main issue at this time and that her healing will happen over time.  The length of time will be is unable to be specified at this stage.  Her doctor does expect to see marked improvement over the next several months.  To be completely clear, this is going to be a long road of recovery for Lauren.  There is no quick fix to this.  The doctors had stated that they are optimistic for a full recovery but they can’t say when nor can they guarantee anything at this time.

Overall, the prognosis is positive.

The family wants to thank everyone for all of your support, thoughts, and prayers for Lauren.  This will be a long road..  She is going to need the support from those who love her (and that list is extensive).


We will continue to provide updates as we can.

In the mean time, get yourself and a loved one this incredible truck-stop-esque tee (100% of the proceeds go to Lauren’s medical fund).

You can also donate to her GoFundMe here.

Thanks again!



One thought on “May 5th

  1. Sounds like a very positive evaluation. As someone else has said: going forward, it’s best to measure improvement on a monthly basis. Cheers to the support team!


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