Lauren De Crescenzo is a professional cyclist for Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling. Lauren had a bad crash in the final 100 meters of Stage 2 of the San Dimas Stage Race on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016. This site is here to provide the most up-to-date information on her progress and recovery. She’s a fighter and will get back up. She is in very good hands and has a strong support system around her. Please refrain from contacting her family directly, they are very grateful to all the good thoughts and prayers, thank you! We will reach out if there’s anything we need help with. Please click here to donate to Lauren’s medical fund.

About Lauren:

Lauren De Crescenzo is a sister, daughter, granddaughter, girlfriend, bae, bike racer, scholar, student, coach, and friend.She’s one of the most well-loved, hilarious women you’ll ever meet, she’s equipped with several nicknames, which validates the aforementioned claim: Wolfpack, woofpack, Roren, Pony, Laurenissima, Leather (combination of Lauren and Heather), insert yours here.

Lauren grew up in Broomfield, Colorado and now calls Boulder home. She resides in a cozy apartment with her BF and fellow cycling enthusiast, Heather Fischer. Much of her family lives close by and she is very close with them.

Lauren is an incredibly talented cyclist, here’s some proof: Roren’s most notable finishes to date include 4th in stage two of the Czech Women’s Tour Krasna Lipa in 2014 while racing for the USA National Team, 6th in the grooling Gila Interloop Stage in 2015, and a solid 9th place finish in her home state at the inaugural Women’s USA Pro Challenge in the Fort Collins Road Race in 2015. She’s a threat in any gravel grinder as the two-time winner of the Rouge Roubaix (2015 and 2016) and has a known affection for a good Belgian Kermess (legend has it she won one of these circa 2015).

Let it be known that Lauren’s favorite gas station is Quick Trip for their wide variety of drinks and rotisserie hot dogs. She’s also a hip hop expert, claiming 2016 is The Year of Drake (you heard it here first). This woman takes most of her life advice from her Grandpa and spends entirely too much time and money at the Whole Foods hot bar. She’ll be back in no time curating enticing playlists on Spotify and cracking witty jokes, her laugh is infectious.



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